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What Our Customer Said...

"It is a pleasure to work with PT. Klickers, they have strong technical skills coupled with high integrity and understanding. Klickers have worked with us on complex and time critical projects and they have always delivered. Their responsiveness and customer support is excellent and I have no hesitation in recommending them as an excellent software development business." - Paul Goldberg (Managing Director of Gap Systems)

About Gap Systems

Gap Systems was founded with the core goal of helping organizations work more efficiently together. Recognizing that most organizations have complex supply chains and that getting products to market is often part art and part science, we set about developing a powerful but simple to use web based solution that could really streamline the product development process. We believe that clients should not be locked in to any one vendor or supply chain partner and that client should be in control of their workflow and business processes. We believe collaboration is at its best when all parties in the supply chain realize benefit and value.

Recognizing that the Web was changing the way organizations work and collaborate together, we designed our solutions from the ground up to be the most flexible and easy to use web based business process solution available. Initially focusing on labeling and packaging, we implemented our first solution systems in 2007 and the platform has gone from strength to strength, now boasting many thousands of end users globally. Today our solution is used and trusted by world leading brands, retailers, CPG and pharmaceutical organizations, all of whom are realizing significant business benefits such as reduced time to market, reduced costs and increased efficiency.


As more and more customers are moving to web based online services, it was imperative that our customer had a viable and highly functional web portal to record and manage very large amounts of product testing data. Submission of data was time consuming, error prone and lacked any real tracking or traceability. Customer service representatives were spending large amounts of time managing customer queries resulting in reduced customer satisfaction and increased manpower costs.


A web based customer portal to allow product test submissions and to check results online from either web or mobile devices. Reporting allows for clients to be automatically informed of any important results and flexible software architecture to allow multiple clients with differing requirements to be managed securely by the same portal application.

Technologies Used

Java J2EE, Struts Framework, jQuery and MS SQL Server


The ease of online submission and results checking via desktop or mobile, have steadily increase the online subscription from around 70 users to almost 4,300 users as of today, with up to 500,000 product record samples submitted per month and 26 million data involved. Due to the high demand, the customer portal application is also built in a mobile friendly format. The online portal has enabled the client a market leading position.


Online Registration Module

  • Ability to create and register product samples
  • Automatic Barcode Generation
  • Online Invoices

Online Tracking Module

  • Testing Results Posting
  • Testing Results Notification
  • Testing Results Certificate Download

User Customizable Preference Module

  • Drag & Drop Column Customization
  • Advance Search with Customisable Search Criteria
  • Alert Notification Preference

Admin Module

  • Client Registration
  • Secured & Fully Auditable Application
  • Application Monitoring Function