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Interactive Marketing Platform (Agency Portal)

About PT Hanwha Life Insurance Indonesia ("Hanwha Life Indonesia")

After Korea's liberation, the nation's first life insurance company was founded at 18, Namdaemun 1-ga, Seoul, on September 9, 1946. That was the predecessor of Hanwha Life, Korea Life. A great history began at that time. Since then, our company has continued holistic innovation to satisfy customers. Taking the lead in the insurance industry with differentiated competitiveness and professionalism, Hanwha Life has become a history of Korean insurance market both in name and reality.

Entering Indonesia market, on December 28th, 2012, Hanwha Life acquired PT. Multicor Life and changed its name into PT Hanwha Life Insurance Indonesia on July 23rd, 2013. Hanwha Life Insurance Indonesia was officially launched on October 24th, 2013 to pursue sustainable growth through an innovative competitiveness in insurance business in Indonesia.

Our Approaches

Agency Portal platform is used mainly by agents to retrieve Agency related information i.e. policy details such as payment information, policy holder, and many more. Hence, the system response time has to be quick and interactive while maintaining simplicity to ensure ease of use for all of its users from diverse backgrounds at different locations. To fulfill the company’s requirements, Klickers Team implemented the Agency Portal as a web-based solution for Hanwha Life Indonesia. With our team's dedicated commitment, we have successfully deployed the first phase of the system within a very aggressive timeline of 2 months.

Technologies Used

Java J2EE, Spring Framework (Security, Aspects, MVC and etc), jQuery, eBaoTech Core Insurance System and Oracle



  • Retrieve information from core insurance system eBaoTech
  • Communicate with Compensation System for Remuneration details


  • Ability to view list of policies and details i.e. payment information, policy holder, investment information and etc
  • View agent personal data and ability to upload photo
  • View agent binary tree structures
  • Download commission slip and tax statement

Admin Module

  • Password distribution and management
  • Secured & fully auditable system

Other Solutions

With our strong commitments to Hanwha Life Indonesia, we currently are working on few other projects below.

1. Compensation System (covering both life and group life)

  • Calculate 5 (five) different bonuses and commissions
  • Calculate tax and generate the Tax Statement according to Indonesia tax regulations
  • Generate Commission Slip

2. Corporate Hanwha Life Indonesia Website (http://www.hanwhalife.co.id)

  • Charting for Unit Price Index
  • Request callback