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What we can offer YOU...

Our team has a broad spectrum of IT experience and is committed to deliver insightful analysis and precise implementation to help you deliver your business strategies and enable you to achieve greater improvement with reduced lead time and costs.

Klickers Team provide full range of services, from consultancy, training, and finally to help you swift through your software development and project implementation process.

  • Software Development

    Transform your IT landscape through a unique consulting methodology from Klickers.

    We at Klickers have unique and proven approaches in developing and delivering our IT software development projects. Our approaches ensure that your project is well-tracked, highly maintainable and delivered with the highest quality in a timely manner.

    As in most IT software development projects, we adopt SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) methodology, however, in the traditional approach, the software vendors are typically responsible for all the steps in SDLC. What makes us exceptional is our distinctive approach to strongly encourage participations from our customers in all (or most of) the steps in SDLC. This is to ensure that the project is kept within track, all parties are always being well-communicated to and most importantly, the project is being delivered according to the requirements.

    We had applied this approach in many of our projects and it has proven to create a very open, vibrant and interactive IT software project environment for all of our customers.

  • IT Consultancy & Training

    Klickers understands that every company and organisation is unique. That is why our IT consulting services are flexible and fully customizable; delivering a solution that is ideal to your company's exclusive goals and needs. We spend time getting to know your business so that the outcomes we deliver directly assist you to meet your strategic goals.

    We will help you to optimise key business processes in order to increase productivity and to reduce spending. Our experienced consultants will be meeting up with the key members across your businesses, analyse your current infrastructure and delivery landscape, as to identify areas of opportunities towards improving overall efficiency.

    Our training arm educates and provides expert technical consultancy services to customers. As we understand that every business from different industries has their own requirements and thus we will tailor made our training to suit your company's own unique needs. It is our objective to succeed by giving your company a competitive edge in your industry through lasting partnerships. Our training team specialises in Java training, Software Design & Architecture training, as well as IT Project Management Training.

  • Sports Registration System

    Klickers offers professional online race registration solutions that is customized for endurance races and allows event organizers to eliminate the time consuming paperwork for registering race participants manually. Our solutions offer an added-value for both event organizers and their participants by allowing participants to sign up when and where it is most convenient for them from any Internet-enabled computer and mobile.