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Ticketing Management System

What Our Customer Said...

"P.T. Klickers offered StarTicketing the professional experience that this project required to finish off all aspects of both the application and the website. P.T. Klickers was able to refine existing code to enable the processing of transactions in a more timely way and was able to integrate the desktop application, website, credit card processing company, thermal ticket printers, barcode scanners, credit card scanners and many other aspects all into one usable and concise ticket solution for StarTicketing. This project couldn't have been completed without the expertise of the entire team at P.T. Klickers. StarTicketing, Seventh-Star and all of its affiliates are very pleased to have this team of experts having worked on this project." - Joel A. van Veghel (StarTicketing)

About StarTicketing

StarTicketing is a ticketing company that offers multi-tiered ticket sales to small community events that want to offer professional ticket sales to their event but can't afford the big ticket company prices.

StarTicketing is founded because of a need for a professional ticketing solution was desired for Seventh-Star (The parent company for StarTicketing), which was producing many theatre events and using manual tickets for all of its events. With the ever increasing number of events and number of tickets needed to be sold, the company feels the need to streamline the ticketing sales process. The company ultimately hopes to have less physical paperwork, less wasted un-sold printed tickets and the ticketing solution would require less processing time than a manually processed ticketing system.

Challenges and Features

The StarTicketing application posed a number of challenges throughout the entire development process, some of which were the dynamic theatre seating layout, the barcode and credit card scanning technologies, thermal ticket printers, PDF ticket printers, refund process and just a general thorough understanding of the application itself.

The previous team that handled the development of Star Ticketing was faced by different challenges and has failed to deliver and complete all the required tasks.

In the end, this uphill task was given to Klickers team, and they were able to overcome all of these issues and step up to the plate and complete these tasks not only to our expectations, but beyond what we could have ever wanted.

Future upgrades for the StarTicketing application would be moving the desktop application onto a web based application, incorporating kiosks and having a special kiosk application, creating a dynamic ticket design function into the application to allow admins to customize event tickets for individual events, just to name a few.

Technologies Used

Java J2EE, Spring Framework, Hibernate, jQuery and Java Desktop Application with Web Services