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We at Klickers are a dynamic and progressive team who are dedicated to provide you with quality Information Technology solutions and services.

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software development

Transform your IT landscape through a unique consulting methodology from Klickers. Our approaches ensure that your project is well-tracked, highly maintainable and delivered with the highest quality in a timely manner.

IT consultation & Training

Klickers understands that every company and organisation is unique. That is why our IT consulting services are flexible and fully customizable; delivering a solution that is ideal to your company's exclusive goals and needs.

Sports Registration System

Klickers offers professional online race registration solutions that is customized for endurance races and allows event organizers to eliminate the time consuming paperwork for registering race participants manually.

Why Us ?

Klickers is governed by its core values that shape its culture, guide our team in the decision making and define the character of the company.

  • Highest Quality of Deliverables

    We take stride in our project and quality management skills. Our team produce quality work by having thorough requirement gathering, development, and testing, then deliver them in an effective and timely manner, while maintaining strong professional relationships with the customers.

  • Dependable Partner

    Simply said, We Deliver What We Promise.

    We are proud to say that we always delivered our promises and commitments toward our customers. As of today, we have zero delays on our projects.

  • Client Focused

    Klickers team value the customers' wants and needs, and tailor our services to meet your unique requirement. We believe that our customer is at the pinnacle of any development, design and delivery of services.

What We Say...

How to successfully improve business application performances

Written By: David Halim

In general, Businesses face the one main issue during IT system implementation, Business Application Performance.

How to solve the pertaining issue then?

In web-based business application, its performance is vital to the overall satisfaction of users’ experience which translates to the success of the project. So, no matter how amazing the features of the application are; if the application has slow performances, the users will not be satisfied and the application will end up unused. It will then be a failed project.

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