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Some of our Customers are...

Customer Centric Web Portal

A web based customer portal to allow product test submissions and to check results online from either web or mobile devices.

Reporting allows for clients to be automatically informed of any important results and flexible software architecture to allow multiple clients with differing requirements to be managed securely by the same portal application.

Interactive Marketing Platform (Agency Portal)

User-friendly and interactive marketing platform assisting insurance agents for quick and integrated results.

Directly integrate with core insurance system resulting in real-time serving of information to the agents. This is further accompanied by advanced features such as binary tree structures, photo upload and etc.

Ticketing Management System

A web-based ticketing management system allowing the patrons to search, reserve and pay for theater tickets in 24x7.

Capability for drag-and-drop seat management and fully integrate with online payment gateway allowing seamless and smooth user experiences towards the system.

Back-end system that directly integrates with thermal printer.