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  • Sports Registration System (SRS)

    Why choose SRS?

    We offer you seamless solutions to cater for your specific race needs.


    1. Registration Form

    SRS offers you with customizable registration forms. Just let us know how you want to tailor the form and our team at Klickers will personalize it with your logo & images, add in custom questions for your specific race, sell your merchandise, and customize the rules & regulations and many more.

    2. Secure Online Payment

    Participants can pay the race fees and merchandises bought via our online payment mechanism. No more manually collecting cash and having difficulty figuring out who have paid and who have not. SRS provides a centralized data platform for the event organizer to check who have made payment with a click of a mouse. Our team also works closely with our payment gateway provider to bring you the best rates in credit card processing fees, and an extremely secure online payment processing mechanism supported by top tier network infrastructure.

    3. Comprehensive Reporting

    Our user-friendly system offers the most relevant information and allows you to look specifically at your event revenue by pay-period and tracks each source of money (registration fees, merchandise) to help analyze your event growth and ROI. SRS is also able to provide you with a comprehensive reporting about number of registration by period, by participating countries, by race categories, and all other reporting tools essential to efficiently manage a successful event.

    4. Built-in E-Commerce

    Do you have any merchandise that you want to offer to your race participants? Use our platform to promote your products and allow race participants to register for the race and buy your merchandises in one seamless registration flow.

    5. Built-in Donation function

    Event organizer can work together with charity organizations to encourage participants to make meaningful donation. The system will provide different donation amounts set according to the organizer's requirement.

    6. Participant Self-Editing Function

    When participants need to change their personal particulars, you can reduce your call center admin workload by allowing participants to change it themselves within the same platform. It is easy to use and no hassle, saving time and effort for both participants and the event organizer.

    7. Corporate Privilege Links

    Personalize the registration experience for your corporate participants giving them a special unique login to the system. All corporate participants will be able to register online while skipping out on the payment platform, allowing the company to sponsor their registration cost.

    8. Register for friends

    SRS allows race participants to register and pay for his/her friends or family members within the same online registration platform.

    9. Advanced Search Function in the Back End System

    We have comprehensive search filter function in the back end system that allows admin event organizer to search for participants' details effortlessly.